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james-critzBWMy names is James Critz and I’m the Owner and President of Creative Building Group Inc.. I have been living and working in the Triad for over 14 years. My previous job was operations manager at Ned Eldridge Inc. , which was a well known remodeling company based out of High Point. I was very fortunate to be mentored by Ned during this time, and proudly share the vision of providing quality craftsmanship and service to our clients. I knew as a young man that I wanted to build and have always had the aspirations of owning my own company. I wanted to bring a level of honesty and integrity to an industry that is unfortunately not known for either. After several years of running Ned Eldridge Inc. I approached Ned about the possibility of me purchasing his business and continuing this vision. God granted Ned and I the wisdom and sound council to make this dream become a reality in May of 2015. Creative Building Group Inc. was established in October of 2014 and now remodels under the DBA of Ned Eldridge General Contractor. Our goal in doing this was to continue Ned’s legacy while keeping things “ the same “ for all our clients that have been so faithful and supportive to us over the years. We still have all of the original team members with us as we enter this new era. We are forever dedicated to achieving the highest level of quality and service for our clients.

Creative Building Group also has Creative Waterproofing Solutions, which we established to bring more services to our customers. We bring the same level of quality and dependability to this endeavor that people have grown to expect from our company. We offer new construction services, crawlspace and basement restoration, internal and external drainage solutions and much more.

As we continue to grow, we have goals of expanding into high end, custom home building. We have been asked to take these types of projects in the past, but just didn’t feel like the timing was right with our team. We are very cautious as we grow not to lose the elements that make us desirable to our clients. Irresponsible growth can be just as detrimental to a company as no growth at all, and we want to maintain the core values that we have worked hard to establish.

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Thank you for taking the time to review this information and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your home’s needs!

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